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I Hereby Resolve…

December 31, 2008

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions. I usually just make something up at the last minute, and then either give up because its impossible or give up because I just don’t care that much.

This year though, there are actually things that I want to change about myself. In general I’m happy with the way my life is going, but I often feel like I’m just coasting and not really living.

Mainly, I want to just do more. Live more. I spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing. That needs to change.

Sometime soon, I’m going to come up with an actual list of things to this end that I would like to accomplish. Something that I can cross off and see that I’m progressing. But generally, I want to:

– Stop saying no to things.  I never do anything, never hang out with people. And then I feel bad for having no friends. So this year when someone asks me to something, I’m going to say yes unless I have a legitimate reason not to.

– Be healthier. Exercise more. No more going straight from my desk to the couch to the bed. Start cooking more often again. And cut back on processed foods. And update my food blog again. Also I should probably see a doctor since I haven’t been in about 8 years. Maybe a doctor can help with my anxiety and make #1 a little easier too.

–  Turn off the TV and read instead. Only watch shows that I actually care about. Sign up for the LSAT and buy a practice book.

– Take more time for myself. Get up 10 minutes earlier and enjoy my coffee. Do one thing a day just for me. Sign up for and attend a class of some sort: cooking, academic, dance, whatever.

Here’s to a happy 2009!


Let’s Make Croissants!

December 20, 2008

I apologize for taking so long to post this. I meant to post it a lot sooner, but life (namely winter and the grey sky that comes with it and makes me lose my motivation for doign anything) got in the way. But better late than never, right?

A word of warning: this recipe does require some advance planning. It takes a few days to make the dough. Don’t let that stave you off though! They are SUPER easy to make, and each step only takes a few minutes. It just means that if you want to eat croissants on Sunday, you need to start on Friday night (I’m experimenting with freezing the dough though, so if that works out I’ll let you know!). Also, if you have a stand mixer or food processor with a bread hook, I highly recommend that you use it. And if you want to flavor these at all, you can add a flavoring in with the original flour. I added orange zest to the batch I’m making this weekend.



August 28, 2008

For such an ugly suit, it actually photographed nicely.

I’m honestly really mad that my delegates didn’t get to vote. Acclamation, my ass. WTF is that all about? Regardless of the outcome, i would really have liked for my vote to count.

I love her, and you know what? Maybe I did it more for her than for what she believes in. I’m bitter.

And I’m off to watch Obama’s speech while crying into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

{photo from NYT}


August 2, 2008

Sorry, but Courtney totally deserved to be sent home. What the hell? She’s been in the bottom like every week! Chelsie, I’m going to miss you and those ridiculous legs that make me feel like I look and move like an elephant.


June 27, 2008

So I’ve really gotten into the show So You Think You Can Dance? this season. This has to be one of the most beautiful and sexy things I have ever seen. Seriously. I want to sign up for dance classes so I can do this.

While I won’t go so far as to say that I don’t think I can dance, my version of dancing is more like this. Actually, my little sister is in this video. My dancing years predated digital video and youtube. She’s a lot younger than me. Anyway, not quite what you would call sexy.

Visit me in Hell- I have a reservation at Table 8

March 21, 2008

Have you ever seen the show Father Ted? Its ok if you haven’t- I only know about 2 people that have. Basically, its an Irish show about some crazy priests living on a crazy island. Its HYSTERICAL. And oh so wrong.

(not safe for work)