I’m still alive

If anyone’s been missing me, I’m still alive… just been working my ass off on a campaign. A few quick observations before I crash for the night…

-Sometimes I really hate being a woman in politics. I went to a fundraiser the other night, and the lobbyists were all being so freaking obnoxious to me. They weren’t trying to be dicks, but when you get a few drinks into middle aged men and then a young, somewhat attractive (if I do say so myself) woman walks into the room, they tend to get a little…inappropriate. Its sexual harassment, and unfortunately in this line of work I feel like I sometimes do have to take it,

-I am more of a hopeless romantic than I thought I was, or than I’d like to admit. Its been 2 weeks and I miss the hubby like whoa. Like, to the point of almost wanting to up and quit just so I can go home. I’ve done this whole campaign thing before, and I don’t remember it beign this bad. He’s coming to visit next weekend though, so hopefully that helps. If I can survive the next week.

-The city that I’m in is weird. The bar I went to the other day had no kitchen…they served cold sandwiches though. Everywhere seems obsessed with sandwiches. Especially egg salad and tuna…even nicer places have egg salad on the menu. So weird. I feel like I’m in a time warp to the 50s. Soup choices are also weird…it was cold out today and I wanted nothing more than a bowl of potato soup. Of course, all I could find was beef or turkey. We apparently don’t do vegetarians soups here. I did have an awesome pulled pork sandwich the other day, but that’s really not the kind of thing I normally eat. I would kill for soem nice fall squash.

-If McCain ends up winning this election and actually takes Palin to DC with him, I have to rethink my life plans. I refuse to live in the same city as that woman, and I was plannign on moving back in the nest 5 or so years. Nuh uh, not happening. Maybe I’ll brush up on my French and move ot Quebec. I love Quebec.

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2 Comments on “I’m still alive”

  1. Rana Says:

    I have been missing you! I figured you were a tad busy with election season but I’m glad to hear you are alive, if tired and stressed. Perhaps after this election in which Dems finally get the right guy elected, you can relax for a little bit.

  2. Rana Says:

    Good luck today!

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