Summer Shoes

While you’re at Target buying shaving cream, you should also pick up a pair of these shoes:

They look better in person. They have quickly become my summer shoe staple- I wear them probably 4 times a week. For such a high heel, they’re surprisingly comfortable and they go with a lot since they’re neutral. But the best part is that I CONSTANTLY get compliments on them. From people at work that have seen them before (seriously, how many times are you going to compliment the same freaking pair of shoes?) to random people on the street telling me that they love them (this happens fairly often too). On second thought, if you don’t like attention don’t buy them.

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2 Comments on “Summer Shoes”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Ooo, cute! I wish I could wear heels at my job

  2. Tina Says:

    There are a couple of really cute pairs of shoes at Target right now. What I wouldn’t give to win a shopping spree of some kind…

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