The gods must have been reading my old post complaining about shave cream leaving rust in my tub. A few weeks ago, another blog did a review of a cheap (around $5) shave cream that some in a plastic shampoo-like bottle. Well, she didn’t like it very much and the company decided to give some samples out to her blog readers to try it out for themselves.

I got a sample, I have to say that I honestly like it quite a bit. the cream is nice and thick- more like a lotion. The scent is nice- not overly sweet (I got vanilla and I usually hate things that are food scented). And….no rust stains!! Awesome. Its not a bad cream either, I get a nice close shave and my legs feel all nice and smooth after.

So, get thee to thy local Target and pick up some of this stuff. You’re bathtub will thank you.

*I do feel like I should disclose that the other blogger said that it stung her legs. I did not have this problem, not did any of the other people that commented on her blog. I also do not have sensitive skin.

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