So after weeks and weeks of going to the Saturday morning farmers market only to be disappointed, yesterday they actually had stuff! We bought some of the most delicious baby strawberries ever, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, some amazing cheese with a super sexy Italian name that I can’t remember, and beets. And a bunch of peonies.

OMG, I am obsessed. Are these not the most beautiful flowers? They’re so fluffy! Mine are a combination of this color and a super soft baby pink that’s almost white. Love. I think I may have finally made a landscaping decision- my yard will not be complete without at least a few of these.

Plus when you say the plural, it sounds like penes. Yes, I am a 7 year old boy.

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2 Comments on “Smitten”

  1. Tina Says:

    Everytime the boy and I go to the farmer’s market we always leave with fattening foodstuffs (already made and most likely on a stick of some kind – a recyclable stick) and a t-shirt from a local artist. I can’t explain it. I don’t know why we even go since we completely defeat the purpose of buying fresh produce.

    Oh. Last time I went I bought fresh eggs. Mistake. I cracked one into my egg poacher and a baby chick embryo thing fell out. I can’t actually think about it too much or I’ll never eat another egg. (I dream about it all the time though – ever since.)

  2. lk Says:

    oh us too. I’ve been trying to limit purchases to food (namely produce) but we end up tempted by all the randomness too (hence the cheese- mmmm…..cheese…. and $6 worth of flowers).

    *gag* eggs seriously gross me out. I can’t think about them. We had chickens growing up, and well…. they’re gross. I can still eat thme if I try not to think about it though.

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