Kelly’s recent post about bra-sized swim suits really caught my eye. I’m cursed with a pretty large chest for my small frame (shut up, it is a curse!) and it makes fitting things pretty tricky sometimes. Especially things like swimsuits that should be pretty tight. I usually go the two piece/ different sizes route, but I visit the beach maybe twice a summer and really, noone needs to be subjected to my blue-white stomach.

So I’ve bee looking into the swimsuits that are sold by bra size, and I saw a few rack’s of them in Macy’s today. Some were pretty cute and they had my size (and they were on sale!!) so I tried some on. Oh. my. God. Why did noone think of this before? The fit is so perfect! Enough coverage in the chest, but still tight enough everywhere else. It’s also the first time I’ve been able to do a plunging neckline… the attached bra keeps everything nicely in place. Its the most flattering swimsuit ever. Seriously.

The one I got is a solid black maillot* style, with a plunging neckline and a twist detail on the front. Very classic and pretty sexy but still suitable for the upcoming trip with the in-laws. I’m loving the idea of wearing it with this hat, my huge gucci sunglasses, and my gold sandals.

Normally I dread the beach, but this year I say bring it on!

* doesn’t maillot sound so much sexier than “tank suit”?

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2 Comments on “Swimsuits”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I saw that you bought that new suit, yay! I’ll never go back! Sometimes I want to try on cute suits when I go out, but I have to remember that no suit is cute enough to make up for a horrible fit. And then put it back on the rack before I tempt myself any further.

    I love your outfit idea, though! I need to glam it up a bit on the beach this year. I’m leaving for vacation on Saturday….hopefully I can whip up something like that in time to bring it!

  2. Kelly Says:

    when I said “go out” I hope it was obvious I meant “go out shopping.” I don’t regularly wear bathing suits to go out to the bar or something 😉

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