Totally Irrational

I’ve been spending a lot of time over that Apartment therapy lately, and I love all of the entries to their Small Cool contest. It makes me want a smaller house. What? That’s crazy! But really, my house is so big (no huge by any means, but plenty of space for two people and a small dog). Its hard to keep clean. Painting takes forever and doing one room is a weekend project. Filling it only with decor that I love would cost an obscene amount, so I have to settle for things that I like or live with empty expanses of space. Also, the house is 100+ years old, and I can’t stand to do anything too modern to it but anything too traditional seems very dark and heavy- especially since there is very little natural light.

My house will never look like this.

However, I am thinking that if I take some baby steps I might be able to step it up a little. Maybe switch out the dark persian rug in the living room for a pale sissel rug. Get around to painting the dining room like I’ve been saying I want to for months (I want to go kelly green. Its a huge room and a bold color would totally work). Swap out the dark curtains in the DR for something simple and brighter- maybe a nice heavy white waffle-y fabric. And the one thing I definitely must do is get a new light fixture for in there. The one up right now is horrilble! Its a standard brass (poke me in the eye) flush mount thing like you would see in a cheap hallway. Totally gross. If only I could find a chandelier that I like….

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4 Comments on “Totally Irrational”

  1. Tina Says:

    I almost entered that contest! I didn’t because it required too much effort for me to clean everything, arrange everything, and then photograph it. I’m lazy.

    I have a very small space and while I like it for the purposes of decorating, it blows when it comes to entertaining. I also tend to change my tastes every now and then and I can’t justify redoing my entire space to satisfy my black and white craving, for instance. But if I had a bigger place I could devote different parts of the house/space to my different design aesthetics. At least I think I could. It might just be half-assed and unfinished. Did I mention lazy?

    (finally found the link)

    As for chandeliers, have you seen design*sponge’s round-up on them? They’ve got a lot of great selections.

  2. squishy Says:

    I occasionally go to Apartment Therapy, but I just end up coveting real estate.

  3. Tina Says:

    Um, I meant to put that parenthetical comment and link after the round-up suggestions. D’oh to editing comments.

  4. LK Says:

    I really like this one (there’s also a pretty awesome clear version that might go better in my DR), but I don’t like the price tag. I’m cheap. I want home depot prices, without the mcmansion look.

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