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C’est la Vie

May 29, 2008

A few years ago, I spent a week wandering around Paris. I was in Europe anyway so I figured I would just extend my trip a bit and do a week and London and a week in Paris. Simple as that. Just me. No plan. And as it was the end of the trip, not so much money. But it was seriously one of (if not the) best weeks of my life. I have such nice memories. I loved every second of it.

Recently, I’ve been finding myself thinking about it a lot…almost homesick. And I’m trying to do some little thing to add some “French-ness” into my everyday life. Eat better, drink wine, go to the museum, walk more.

And listen to Paris Combo. I randomly discovered them maybe two weeks ago and o.m.g. they are awesome. Slightly jazzy, slightly modern, and with French lyrics. I recommend. Highly. Something about listening to them while I drink my coffee in the morning lets me know that my day is going to be great.

With just a little tweaking, I’ve also managed to set up a nice little pandora station with them as the theme. Lots of fun new (free!) music to be found there. You know, once you get the program to realize that no, you’re not interested in Tony Bennett. At least not on this station.


Real Estate Envy Part Deux

May 18, 2008

{courtesy NYT}


I can’t point to one specific thing that makes me swoon over this place, but I do. I coul easily stare at it all day. For $146,000 it could be yours for a month of every year. (Why can’t I be independantly wealthy. Even if I could afford it, I don’t exactly have the ability to up and go to France for a month every year. A girl can only dream of retirement…..)

Totally Irrational

May 14, 2008

I’ve been spending a lot of time over that Apartment therapy lately, and I love all of the entries to their Small Cool contest. It makes me want a smaller house. What? That’s crazy! But really, my house is so big (no huge by any means, but plenty of space for two people and a small dog). Its hard to keep clean. Painting takes forever and doing one room is a weekend project. Filling it only with decor that I love would cost an obscene amount, so I have to settle for things that I like or live with empty expanses of space. Also, the house is 100+ years old, and I can’t stand to do anything too modern to it but anything too traditional seems very dark and heavy- especially since there is very little natural light.

My house will never look like this.

However, I am thinking that if I take some baby steps I might be able to step it up a little. Maybe switch out the dark persian rug in the living room for a pale sissel rug. Get around to painting the dining room like I’ve been saying I want to for months (I want to go kelly green. Its a huge room and a bold color would totally work). Swap out the dark curtains in the DR for something simple and brighter- maybe a nice heavy white waffle-y fabric. And the one thing I definitely must do is get a new light fixture for in there. The one up right now is horrilble! Its a standard brass (poke me in the eye) flush mount thing like you would see in a cheap hallway. Totally gross. If only I could find a chandelier that I like….

Reason #87248942 I love my hubby

May 14, 2008

I’m sitting at work the other day and my phone rings. It’s him. What did he call for? Oh, just to tell me that he was in the grocery store and “saw a woman wearing Jimmy Choos.” Yes, that means he actually recognized them and was so excited that he had to call and tell me. So cute it makes me sick.

Sopapilla Ice Cream

May 5, 2008

(I posted this on my food blog, but it was so good that I’m posting it here too)

Yes, you read that right. Honey frozen custard with a dolce de leche swirl and sopapilla bits. I was a bad girl this weekend. This is definitely not healthy, but it sure is delicious. So delicious that we’re already out and I had to promise to make more tomorrow.

I’ll post how I made it, but I do have suggestions: 1) use fat free half and half to make it a tad healthier. I’ve done this with other ice creams, and it comes out good. It’ll get a little icy if you freeze leftovers, but nothing horrible. Definitely worth it to save on calories. 2) Making the sopapillas was a pain in the butt. Unless you really want to, I’d skip this part. Sub half of a cruller. Or just leave them out The flavors will be the same. Obviously all of these would be amazing on they’re own as well.

For the ice cream you’ll need a batch of honey custard, about 1/4 batch of dolce de leche, and about 3 sopapillas torn into very small piceces (like large bread crumbs). If you omit the sopapillas, you might want to add a little more cinnamon. Freeze the custard according to your ice cream makers instructions. Just before its done, add the sopapilla pieces. Follow up with the dolce de leche, letting the machine run just enough to swirl it through.

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