When we bought out house last year, the kitchen was the first thing that I tackled. And by first thing, I mean we closed on a Friday and I had about half of the wallpaper pulled down by Sunday.

This was what I started with. RIP. I won’t miss you.

Pulling the paper down and painting helped a lot, but I still wasn’t thrilled. Everything in there just screams “cheap” and something about the cabinets looks very unfinished to me.

For the past year-ish, I’ve been living with this. Not horrible, but not fabulous either. (I also hung a curtain on th window)

This weekend, I decided that I just can’t stand to look at the cabinets anymore. But I also have a long list of projects to get to before I start a full on kitchen remodel. I wondered about just filling in the inset cabinet panels with some fabric. I found some that I thought might work on sale for $3 a year and figured it was worth a try. (I just stuck it up there with some spray starch) Well, I love it! It really adds something to the kitchen, and it helps a lot with that unfinished look. Oh, I also stuck up some of those “press on, press off” lights under the cabinets.

Anyway, here’s the most recent “after.” Crazy what a difference $3 worth of fabric can make!! (If only there was some way to cover up the counter top…)

I’m also going to combine my stimulous rebate with soem cashed in amex points to buy a new oven and fridge. that should help a ton too. Oh, and one of these days I’ll get around to taking those boxes that the husband stuck up on top of the cabinets and storing them in the basement.

*please forgive the constant messiness of my kitchen. I cook. A lot. And as hard as I try to keep it neat and clean, it somehow never stays that way for long.

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3 Comments on “Transformation”

  1. squishy Says:

    I love the color of your kitchen walls. My kitchen would handily beat your kitchen in a death cage match of messiness, btw.

  2. Tina Says:

    Good idea with the fabric! It really is a transformation. What should my messy kitchen excuse be? I don’t cook… I tend to use my counter as a pantry. Saves me the trouble of actually putting up groceries.

  3. LK Says:

    Thanks! Squishy- I love the color too. Its so bright and for some reason it makes me crave lemons. ha. It was really hard to come up with a color in there that we both liked and that went with the weird wood and counter colors. They’re kind of “off” so most normal colors didn’t look right.

    Tina- Thanks! I thought about using an awesome wallpaper, but nice wallpaper costs a fortune! I read a long time ago about using fabric like that on wall in a rented apartment/ dorm, so I thought that might be worth a try. I’m glad i didn’t shell out for paper!! That would have been more of a PITA to take down too- this peels right off and leave no mess. 🙂

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