I know shoes.

My local newspaper has a fashion blog. It’s a decent way to find those tiny bits of style in an otherwise fashion devoid city. they were also able to reccomend an awesome drycleaner to me, that I trust to not “lose” my nice things.

But the other day, the author was going on and on about how she found some awesomely cute shoes at target that looked sooooo much more expensive than they were. And then how shortly after, she found a very similar- but not so nice- pair for four times as much.

Ok, I’ve know nthis to happen.

But then she posted pictures and had readers guess which pair was which. I thought it must be a trick. I could pick out the more expensive pair right away! but it wasn’t a tick, and the vast majority of commentors got. it. wrong. (did I mention that i live in the black hole of fashion?)

Let’s see if you can do better. Which pair costs more. And why do you think so? (I had several reasons)

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4 Comments on “I know shoes.”

  1. Rana Says:

    Oh, where to start?

    The right is the nicer one.

    1. The heel is better- thinner than that chunky ass on the left.
    2. The buckle is much more substantial and doesn’t look like it will fall part.
    3. The left has that shiny, plastic thing going on while the right is sorta matte.
    4. That wood base platform which matches the heel on the right.

    Shall I continue? Or did I just embarrass myself by getting it wrong?

  2. LK Says:

    congrats! you know shoes too! I’m seriously baffled at the number of people that got it wrong. Although given where I live, i should know better.

  3. Tina Says:

    I was going to say all the things Rana said. Except I like the hell on the Target pair better. But that’s because I tend to destroy thin heels like nobody’s business.

    If all else fails, look to the shine on the material (leather doesn’t “glow” as much as pleather does) and the hardware, if there is any. Dead giveaways.

  4. Tina Says:

    Oh and to out myself, I almost always get the “expensive” option wrong on the budget fashionista. I think she photoshops her pics though…

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