When I saw this picture of the State Senate trying to start session, my first thought was not “where is everyone?”* or even “hot damn, thats a lot of paper!” No, my thought was “What a fug carpet.”

Surely the taxpayers wouldn’t mind too much if they updated their digs a bit? I mean, new carpet is what, like $500 at Lowes? A vacuum might not be a bad investment either…it doesn’t look like its been vacuumed since it was put in. Hell, if I can write it off my taxes, I might even have an old vacuum to give them.

* The Democrats were boycotting because they didn’t like the bill that was being brought up for a vote, but didn’t have the balls to just vote against it. We’re mature like that.

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4 Comments on “Gross.”

  1. Tina Says:

    You know, it’s not really that the carpet is so bad (although the vacuum idea is a good one) but that the carpet and furniture clash so horribly. You’d think someone would have pointed that out by now.

    I’m impressed by the sheer number of democrats. If my state had that few reps and the dems weren’t seated, you wouldn’t notice. You might think it was bathroom break time or maybe smoke o’clock.

  2. LK Says:

    whatever the problem, is, its gross. do you see that “E” shaped thing toward the top of the carpet? Think its a shadow? Or a gross stain? *shudder* I should go over there and check it out in person…

    the Republicans have a 2 seat advantage right now. It’s actually really obnoxious- they control the agenda, but then we boycott session so that they don’t have enough votes to do anything.

  3. squishy Says:

    Maybe the janitor is like me and vacuums words (obscene, obscene words) into their carpets. It’s like an unwieldy Etch-a-sketch.

  4. LK Says:

    omg squishy, I love it. lol!!

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