Work Work Work

So after 12 straight days of working 14+ hours per day (damn bust time of the year!) you’d think I would relish having the weekend off (ok, on call). I planned on parking my butt on the couch and not moving. But of course, I never do what makes sense. instead, I have one of the most productive weekends in well…. a long time. When you consider the fact that none of the stuff i did was particularly ugent, it was probabaly one of the most productive weekends of my life.

This is what I did:
* Put together the elliptical that I got for my birthday
* Realize that neighbor can see through the window of the room that I put the elliptical in, and went to Target for curtains. Purchase curtains for all three attic rooms.
* Hung cutrains
* Did laundry
* Deep cleaned the bathroom
* Went to my old high school to see them perform Les Mis. Was completely blown away (the school has an amazing theater department). Also felt very old.
*”Found” the office… when we moved in last summer, this room became the place that we dumped everything that we didn’t feel like dealing with. It was gross.
* Moved bookshelves from hallway into newly cleaned office
* Moved old loveseat from downstairs in office. Managed to not kill myself bringing it up the stair, but did manage to smash a small hole into the wall.
* Removed pine boughs from window boxes. It’s April.
* Went grocery shopping
* Worked out (twice) on birthday elliptical

What was I thinking?? I am now dreading work this week, because I know it will be just as bad as last week, and I have no energy left.

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3 Comments on “Work Work Work”

  1. Tina Russell Says:

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    Tina Russell

  2. LK Says:


  3. […] 4, 2008 · Filed under life, style Well, I had another crazy week at work. And as we all know by now, when work is crazy and stressful I don’t take the weekend to relax. I do all of the chores […]

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