Every so often I rediscover the MOMA gift shop. Its really an amazing source for interesting things, and for the most part, prices are great too. Some things that cought my eye:

Inside out martini glasses. $65 for 2.

These look cool, and are a great solution to the whole problem of traditional martini glasses being impossible to not spill.

{Plant Frame. $35.}

This is just so fun! And I might be able to manage growing grass. I have a black thumb, but love to keep living things in my house. The really add something.

{Gorillapod tripod. $25.}

Their description says enough: Wrap it around a tree branch, hang it from a railing, or perch it on any surface. Sold!

{Paperclip Holder. $21.}

Seriously? With one of these on my desk, I don’t think I could possibly have a bad day at work.

{Art Pad. $12.

Ok, so they’re essentially giant post-its with a scribbles frame around the edge. I love it though! A stack of these would encourage some serious doodling.

I could go on for forever, but I’ll stop boring you now. I focused more on whimsical things here, but they have some awesome housewares too. Really cool serving dishes and display pieces, lots of boring every day items like toasters designed to look way cooler. I do like them more for small items though… a lot of the larger things look a little like… well, like you got them from a museum gift shop. For for small, fun accesories they’re pretty awesome.

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One Comment on “Moma!”

  1. Tina Says:

    I love the Moma gift shop too. It’s a great place for interesting gifts and one-for-me-too-type shopping.

    FYI, I have many cute things in my office that would lend one to believe a bad day is ne’er to be found. That conclusion would be entirely wrong. See, for example: today.

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