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April 30, 2008

When we bought out house last year, the kitchen was the first thing that I tackled. And by first thing, I mean we closed on a Friday and I had about half of the wallpaper pulled down by Sunday.

This was what I started with. RIP. I won’t miss you.

Pulling the paper down and painting helped a lot, but I still wasn’t thrilled. Everything in there just screams “cheap” and something about the cabinets looks very unfinished to me.

For the past year-ish, I’ve been living with this. Not horrible, but not fabulous either. (I also hung a curtain on th window)

This weekend, I decided that I just can’t stand to look at the cabinets anymore. But I also have a long list of projects to get to before I start a full on kitchen remodel. I wondered about just filling in the inset cabinet panels with some fabric. I found some that I thought might work on sale for $3 a year and figured it was worth a try. (I just stuck it up there with some spray starch) Well, I love it! It really adds something to the kitchen, and it helps a lot with that unfinished look. Oh, I also stuck up some of those “press on, press off” lights under the cabinets.

Anyway, here’s the most recent “after.” Crazy what a difference $3 worth of fabric can make!! (If only there was some way to cover up the counter top…)

I’m also going to combine my stimulous rebate with soem cashed in amex points to buy a new oven and fridge. that should help a ton too. Oh, and one of these days I’ll get around to taking those boxes that the husband stuck up on top of the cabinets and storing them in the basement.

*please forgive the constant messiness of my kitchen. I cook. A lot. And as hard as I try to keep it neat and clean, it somehow never stays that way for long.


I live in a style void.

April 28, 2008

case in point. This weekend I went to an event with Tim Gunn. A woman asked him how she could tell people to dress better. My answer? Dont wear hot pink velour sweatpants to an even with Tim Gunn. And dont try to dress them up with a blouse and heels. (edited to add: she actually used the phrase “slobification of America.” People sitting around her were snickering while she was going off on her little rant.)

case two: I am currently blogging from jury duty. The jury assembly room is a sea of ripped jeans, hoodies, and boxy tees. Have some respect for the court people!

I know shoes.

April 24, 2008

My local newspaper has a fashion blog. It’s a decent way to find those tiny bits of style in an otherwise fashion devoid city. they were also able to reccomend an awesome drycleaner to me, that I trust to not “lose” my nice things.

But the other day, the author was going on and on about how she found some awesomely cute shoes at target that looked sooooo much more expensive than they were. And then how shortly after, she found a very similar- but not so nice- pair for four times as much.

Ok, I’ve know nthis to happen.

But then she posted pictures and had readers guess which pair was which. I thought it must be a trick. I could pick out the more expensive pair right away! but it wasn’t a tick, and the vast majority of commentors got. it. wrong. (did I mention that i live in the black hole of fashion?)

Let’s see if you can do better. Which pair costs more. And why do you think so? (I had several reasons)


April 16, 2008

so I wrote this whole long funny post, and it didn’t save. So go read this article about how what you eat can indicate who you’ll vote for (it scarily accurate for me!).

McCain voters like Fiber One. i think that’s hilarious. Because you know, he’s old.


April 8, 2008

When I saw this picture of the State Senate trying to start session, my first thought was not “where is everyone?”* or even “hot damn, thats a lot of paper!” No, my thought was “What a fug carpet.”

Surely the taxpayers wouldn’t mind too much if they updated their digs a bit? I mean, new carpet is what, like $500 at Lowes? A vacuum might not be a bad investment either…it doesn’t look like its been vacuumed since it was put in. Hell, if I can write it off my taxes, I might even have an old vacuum to give them.

* The Democrats were boycotting because they didn’t like the bill that was being brought up for a vote, but didn’t have the balls to just vote against it. We’re mature like that.


April 7, 2008

Every so often I rediscover the MOMA gift shop. Its really an amazing source for interesting things, and for the most part, prices are great too. Some things that cought my eye:

Inside out martini glasses. $65 for 2.

These look cool, and are a great solution to the whole problem of traditional martini glasses being impossible to not spill.

{Plant Frame. $35.}

This is just so fun! And I might be able to manage growing grass. I have a black thumb, but love to keep living things in my house. The really add something.

{Gorillapod tripod. $25.}

Their description says enough: Wrap it around a tree branch, hang it from a railing, or perch it on any surface. Sold!

{Paperclip Holder. $21.}

Seriously? With one of these on my desk, I don’t think I could possibly have a bad day at work.

{Art Pad. $12.

Ok, so they’re essentially giant post-its with a scribbles frame around the edge. I love it though! A stack of these would encourage some serious doodling.

I could go on for forever, but I’ll stop boring you now. I focused more on whimsical things here, but they have some awesome housewares too. Really cool serving dishes and display pieces, lots of boring every day items like toasters designed to look way cooler. I do like them more for small items though… a lot of the larger things look a little like… well, like you got them from a museum gift shop. For for small, fun accesories they’re pretty awesome.

Work Work Work

April 7, 2008

So after 12 straight days of working 14+ hours per day (damn bust time of the year!) you’d think I would relish having the weekend off (ok, on call). I planned on parking my butt on the couch and not moving. But of course, I never do what makes sense. instead, I have one of the most productive weekends in well…. a long time. When you consider the fact that none of the stuff i did was particularly ugent, it was probabaly one of the most productive weekends of my life.

This is what I did:
* Put together the elliptical that I got for my birthday
* Realize that neighbor can see through the window of the room that I put the elliptical in, and went to Target for curtains. Purchase curtains for all three attic rooms.
* Hung cutrains
* Did laundry
* Deep cleaned the bathroom
* Went to my old high school to see them perform Les Mis. Was completely blown away (the school has an amazing theater department). Also felt very old.
*”Found” the office… when we moved in last summer, this room became the place that we dumped everything that we didn’t feel like dealing with. It was gross.
* Moved bookshelves from hallway into newly cleaned office
* Moved old loveseat from downstairs in office. Managed to not kill myself bringing it up the stair, but did manage to smash a small hole into the wall.
* Removed pine boughs from window boxes. It’s April.
* Went grocery shopping
* Worked out (twice) on birthday elliptical

What was I thinking?? I am now dreading work this week, because I know it will be just as bad as last week, and I have no energy left.