After years of dorm and apartment living, I really embraced color when I bought my house last year. I was so tired of white, lifeless walls! So now, my front hall is brick red, my kitchen is teal, my living room is a rich, creamy latte, and my dining room is soon to be leaf green (its currently a weird shade of pistachio left by the previous owners that looks great in some light, but awful and faded in others). And the downstairs bathroom is that gorgeous eggplant, that I’ve mention before. I love it. Everything just flows so nicely, and its interesting to look at.

My latest obsession though has been pink walls. There’s jut something about them that looks so fabulous. I know that I’ll never get approval from the husband to tackle one of the first floor rooms with pink paint (nor would I want to- if I lived alone my living room would almostdefinately be pink, but I feel like thats too weird with a man living in the house), but I’m playing around with the idea of trying it out in either the guest room or my bathroom.

{conde nast}

{Kelly Wearstler}
{Julian Schnabel}
They all just make me want sit lounge around, wearing a fantastic skirt, and sipping my favorite strawberry-rose tea out of a pretty mug. That would be the life.
Photos all from the a wonderful blog, Habilutally Chic.
Apparently I love parenthesis. Oh well. Deal.
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4 Comments on “Color!”

  1. Tina Says:

    That first room is gorgeous! I rent and even I’m tempted to do that to one of my rooms. Hmmm… I wonder if the kitchen would look good like that?

  2. squishy Says:

    I’m not really a pink kinda gal, but the color (and everything else, really) in that 2nd room is beautiful.

  3. LK Says:

    I love the paper in the first one, but I refuse to do paper. I spent far too many hours scraping it off the walls to even consider goign there again. I’d loev to find a beautiful piece to frame though.

    I’m seriously considering using #2 as the inspiration for my bathroom…

  4. Rana Says:

    Our landlord rocks and he’s gonna let us paint. It’s been over a year and we still haven’t decided what colors to go with. But turquoise in the bedroom, orange in the living room, red in the bathroom, and possibly yellow in the kitchen is what keeps coming up. I’ll live in a rainbow.

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