To the men in my life

If I’m being crabby and you suspect that I have PMS, for the love of all that is good please don’t tell me that! Trying to be subtle by bringing me chocolate and saying that I seem like I need it is no good either. And it won’t help. Just leave me alone and I’ll be fine in a day. If you don’t you’re likely to have something thrown at you. Or worse. Never say I didn’t warn you.
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2 Comments on “To the men in my life”

  1. Tina Says:

    I feel you. One of the first times my current bf came into contact with the supreme bitchery that is me a few times a year (yay seasonale!) was in our first few months. I was annoyed at him for the typical reasons like breathing, driving me around to the places I wanted to see, holding my hand, buying me lunch, you know, just existing. I think he thought that was the end for us because he could not understand what pissed me off so bad and he had no desire to be around someone who could get so pissed for no reason.

    Eventually he just left me at my door and let me be emotional on my own time. He’s adapted quite easily since then by avoidance. It works the best.

  2. […] in wtf? at 10:21 pm by squishy Lauren’s PMS post (that pic is fucking awesome, btw), reminded me. No, that’s lying, actually. Her post […]

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