If I had a million dollars, I would buy you some art

I’ve been looking for months for something to hang over my couch. My living room walls are blank (save for the creamy latte colored paint I treated them to) and calling for something fabulous. I’m having trouble finding something appropriate though- everything is either too loud, not colorful enough, too “done,” or way, way too expensive.

I stumled across this site last night, and have a feeling I may find my solution.  ts all originals, but since they’re done by students they prices are lower than you’d likely find in an established gallery (Plus I hate galleries- they’re intimidating and never have price tags). I also like the idea of giving my money to someone that’s just starting out. 

I find these pieces very inspiring:

48″x60″, $1,200

60″x 36″, $700

30″x 24″, $1,200 (done in crayola crayon!)

18″ x 12″, $150


(This one brings me straight back to the main hall of D’Orsay)

There is seriously so much talent on this site! If you’re in the market for some art, you should definatley check it out. I also love the way its set up- you can browse by medium, size, price, school, color, genre, artist, etc. And if you click on something you like, it will reccomend some other similar pieces. 


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One Comment on “If I had a million dollars, I would buy you some art”

  1. squishy Says:

    That site is seriously so cool.

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