Things I Like Right Now

I don’t know about you, but I go through random phases of liking things. I mean REALLY liking things. Things that don’t usually even warrant a second thought- we’re not talking high heels or chocolate here. Out of nowhere, I’ll become obsessed. I can’t get enough. Then one morning (usually 2-3 months later), I’ll wake up and not care less about them any more.

Anyway, these are five random things that I’ve been loving lately:

1) Fruit Tarts

See? Doesn’t that look just delicious? The beauty of these things is that since it’s topped with fruit, you can pretend its healthy. Never mind the fact that the fruit is covered in glaze or that its sitting on top of some delicious shortbread/butter cookie thing and a delicious invention called pastry cream. No matter. It’s fruit. And its delicious.

2) L’Occitane

Pretty much all of their products are fantastic, but I especially love the moisturizer. Its so rich and creamy, yet light enough to not clog my pores. And it smells all nice and light and natural like. Also, the packaging is pretty and makes my bathroom look like some fancy spa. And it comes from France, which in my book pretty much means that it can do no wrong.

3) Beets

These are the ugly stepchild of the vegetable world. They look gross! Until you roast them and cut them open to reveal a beautiful, bright, fragrant masterpiece. (Ok, when you’re peeling them, they might be somewhat reminiscent of a human heart. Whatev. Once you cute them into chunks, they look beautiful.) There’s something to that old saying that they’re nature’s candy (I think that’s a saying. If not, it should be.) But for all of their sweetness, they also taste like the earth. And for some reason, that just tastes right.

4) Eggplant (the color)

I just painted my husband’s bathroom this color. Its so rich and elegant. I love it, and he does too. It’s actually pretty masculine for a purple, so its one of the few “girly” colors that I feel like I can get away with.

5) Foie Gras

I know its not PC, and I don’t really want to hear it. I had an amazing foie gras course as part of a tasting menu recently. It will haunt my memory forever. It was a beautiful piece of foie, with an orange brioche, sea salt, and an apple chutney. Served with a Sauternes. Simply divine. Unfortunately I can’t afford to eat at the type of restaurants that serve it very often, and I have yet to see it at the grocer so maybe it’s more the memory of foie gras that I like right now.

So that’s it. Me in a nutshell. At least until I wake up one day soon with a new set of things that make my life complete.

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One Comment on “Things I Like Right Now”

  1. squishy Says:

    …guh, fruit tarts. I guess 11am isn’t too early for lunch.

    (Hi, fellow wordpressian!!)

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